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Silent Hikes, Holy Hikes 2 (Off-site program)

Silent Hikes, Holy Hikes > led by Adriene Jenik

FALL 2014:

Saturday, October 4, 7am

Meet at trailhead: Petroglyph Trail aka Hyrogliphics Canyon > 3.2 miles, 1.5 hours, moderate


Wednesday, November 5, 7pm 

Meet place: South Mountain Park, parking area at 46th St south of Baseline (parking area accessible at very end of street


Interested participants should contact us at links below
subject line: silent hike



Group silent hikes are a unique experience. As we walk together in silence, we can more acutely feel the presence of others and hear ourselves as we move through the land. These hikes, of varying length and challenge (from easy to strenuous) are open to all ages. Each walk will begin with a brief gathering welcome, proceed with a period of silent walking, and conclude with the opportunity for open exchange as desired.

Adriene Jenik has been a desert dweller for almost 20 years. She has logged countless hours hiking and backpacking the desert and as a volunteer at Joshua Tree National Park.