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Bar Flies: Take a Walk

Wednesday September 30, 2015

***Event starts at Valley Bar at 5:00pm // Guided group walks to Crescent Ballroom start at 6pm // Stories at Crescent start at 7:00pm***


What might you see, smell, hear when walking that you would otherwise miss in a car? What new thoughts might you have?

The Phoenix New Times literary series Bar Flies is on the move for a special Best of Phoenix event presented in collaboration with the Museum of Walking and Scottsdale Public Art.

This progressive event starts at Valley Bar, takes a walk, and ends at Crescent Ballroom. A walk, you say? Yes—how often do you give a walk your full attention?

The Museum of Walking, along with Scottsdale Public Art, invites you to observe a section of our urban landscape as you take a guided group walk from Valley Bar to Crescent Ballroom. Upon arriving at Crescent, you will be invited to post a map of your own walk before listening to the night’s featured writers read works inspired by their walks of the same route.

Bar Flies Readers: Becky Bartkowski, Rebecca Fish Ewan, Brandon Ferderer, Tania Katan, Laurie Notaro, Sativa Peterson


Need help getting there? Check out the parking and transportation information here.