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Full Moon Walk

Her Secret is Patience,  Janet Echelman, 2009. (photo credit: Will Novak)

Her Secret is Patience, Janet Echelman, 2009. (photo credit: Will Novak)

Full Moon Contemplative Listening Walk

Friday, November 3, 2017 (RSVP by Nov 1)


3rd Street Theater at Phoenix Center for the Arts (meet in parking lot on North side of building) 

1202 N 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Click to RSVP by November 1 for this walk!

Join MoW on First Friday for a Full Moon Contemplative Listening Walk. We will start outside of 3rd Street Theater and make our way to Civic Space Park to view and reflect upon Her Secret is Patience, a 145-foot tall aerial sculpture by artist Janet Echelman. Much like the moon, the sculpture is monumental, fixed in place but constantly in motion as its soft light dances gently in the air. This work redefines the β€˜art space,’ by bringing viewers eyes upwards to the sky, focusing on a new celestial object in the night sky.

Information on November's Full Moon:
November's full moon is called the Beaver Moon. Historically in North America, this was a time when both Algonquin Tribes and Colonists set beaver traps before swamps froze over in order to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another interpretation suggests the name comes from the fact that beavers become active in their preparation for winter beginning in November.