Propose a walk!

Do you connect with our mission and have a great idea for a walk to bring people from our communities together? Museum of Walking is always open to new ideas! If you would like to run your idea by our MoW team please consider applying. Please thoroughly read the information below before downloading and submitting your application.

Application includes:

  • 400 word max description of the significance of your walk, what people will experience, and what you hope participants take away from your walk

  • 200 word max bio of each individual you see involved and their significance to your walk (Artists, speakers, educators, etc.)

  • 150 word min description about possible location for your walk, why the location is fit for your walk, milage, accessibility, etc.

  • At least three possible dates for the walk. If you would like to propose for the Fall/Winter (August-December) please submit no later than early May. If you would like to propose a walk for the Spring (January-April) please submit no later than early October.

  • At least three images that could be used for promotion of the walk (plus photo info/credit). The images will eventually be narrowed down to one. Please attach the images in addition to your application in the same order that you provided photo info.

  • Contact info

We may ask for additional materials throughout the application review process

Possible honorarium, Please inquire

We review applications in the order that we receive them and we will respond to all submissions within 30 days.

If a walk proposal is accepted:

Museum of Walking will promote the event on our site, in a seasonal newsletter, an individualized email blast, a facebook event, and post a total of two social media posts leading up to the event on facebook, twitter, and Instagram.  Organizer is responsible for any additional event promotion posters, flyers, etc. Any and all poster and flyers must include the MoW site handle and logo. Organizer(s) must be present for the entire event and actively assist in the preparation and facilitation of the walk.


Click below to download and fill out your application. Save and email your application with your three images to with subject line "PROPOSAL: (First Name & Last Name)"