Re-imaginging the Grid

April 21-25, 2016
Carleton College
1 North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057


Grids are networks of lines with abilities to transmit electricity, form frameworks, and generate communication. But what if our lines follow desire paths and take us off the sidewalk, form circles, and are made by hand. What if we explore infrastructure by walking, writing letters to the editor, and listening to the environment in order to offer new frameworks for social, political, and personal resilience.

This exhibition includes lines of text, drawn lines, and walked lines in the landscape exploring the grid and the slightly-off-grid. Thanks to Cinema and Media Students at Carleton College, who took part in this exhibition and to John Schott for bringing the Museum of Walking and Angela Ellsworth to Carleton. 

WALK! A Festival of Walking, Art & Ideas | Carleton College | Spring 2016

Participating Carleton College students:

Gisell Calderon, Jonathan Chow, Lily Eisenthal, Brian Gordon, Chris Griffin, Russell Hanson, A. Noah Harrison, Brian Kremers, Austin Neureiter, Roberto Nieves, Ali Reilly, Kayla Rudess, Hannah Sanchez, Becca Scribner, Kayla Toney, and Jake Yanoviak.