Talking Walking

October 6 - 29, 2015
Hours: Wednesdays, 2pm - 6pm

Museum of Walking Tempe Site 1
Tower Center Suite 206
123 E University Drive Tempe, AZ 85281

Opening and Reception: Tuesday October 6, 2015 6pm - 9pm

Thank you to all who joined us at Bar Flies: Take a Walk on September 30, 2015. MoW thoroughly enjoyed the evening and was thrilled to have so many walkers traverse downtown. If you missed the event, don't worry! At the end of the night, the readers stories were collected in all their original marked-up glory and are part of the Talking Walking exhibition at the Museum of Walking in Tempe.

Covered in last minute edits, beer, sweat, and scribbles, the scripts were gifted to MoW exactly as the writers performed with them during the storytelling event. The scripts will now be exhibited on the walls of MoW while the sounds of walking in downtown Phoenix fill the space around you. 

Bar Flies Readers included: Becky Bartkowski, Rebecca Fish Ewan, Brandon Ferderer, Tania Katan, Laurie Notaro and Sativa Peterson.