theWALK is the inaugural fundraising event for the Museum of Walking taking place on Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area, a former landfill now home to burrowing owls, beaver, over 200 bird species, and lush vegetation in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Focusing on the everyday activity of walking and listening, this 3-mile, approximately 90 minute walk presents an opportunity for the public to experience a culturally and historically significant site with one thousand other people moving together in a mindful way through public space. Unlike other organized walks or races, participants disconnect from cellular devices in order to reconnect the senses. By listening to the surrounding environment, looking closely at the riparian landscape, and engaging the olfactory, participants create connections and resonance between people and the environment. theWALK encourages contemplation of the cultural and historical significance of the Rio Salado site through meaningful community engagement, public health, wellness, and sustainability awareness. 


All proceeds generated by theWALK directly benefit the work of the Museum of Walking including museum exhibitions, artist honorariums, research, artist-led mindful walks, community partnerships, social engagement, and outreach. Additionally, partial proceeds will go to Native American Connections, Phoenix Indian Center, and The Phoenix Indian School Legacy Project. Please join in supporting the only museum in the United States of America solely dedicated to the act of walking. 


theWALK Schedule:

7:00AM–Round 1 Registration

8:00AM–Round 1 Walk Start

8:30AM–Round 2 Registration

9:00AM–Round 2 Walk Start